The Subsidy Reduction Train Reaches “Livelihood”.. Is it a “Reform Plan” or Wave of Impoverishment?


The Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights expresses its deep concern regarding the recent decisions taken by the government, which are planned to be implemented. These include a 300% increase in the price of subsidized bread, a rise in drug prices ranging from 25% to 50%, as well as gradual increases in electricity and fuel prices, and a proposal to eliminate all in-kind subsidies and convert them to cash by the end of the current year. These measures pose an additional threat to marginalized groups, the most needy, low-income individuals, irregular workers, and pensioners. The increase in bread and drug prices represents a severe blow to citizens, especially those suffering from difficult economic conditions. The adjustments in electricity and fuel prices further burden them.

The Center warns of the impact of these decisions on many segments of society, as they represent an additional step in the policy of withdrawing support for economic and social rights and further eroding the protective umbrella guaranteed to these groups. The Center reiterates that policies addressing the economic crisis and economic reform programs should not continue to impose additional burdens on the most needy and marginalized classes, who, along with other groups, are already suffering from the effects of similar previous decisions, waves of inflation, and the persistent rise in prices of products and services resulting from these and similar decisions. The Center emphasizes the need to review these policies and consult with all segments of society and relevant entities to find sustainable solutions that ensure social justice and economic stability, in addition to finding suitable alternatives that guarantee the necessary protection for the aforementioned groups.

The Center believes that addressing the budget deficit and rationalizing the use of state resources under the name of “economic reform” should not come at the expense of citizens who are already suffering from the impacts of economic decisions, escalating inflation, and the persistent rise in the prices of products and services. Instead, it should come through the implementation of economic policies that serve the entire population and strengthen social justice.

We stress the necessity of finding fair and transparent alternatives that achieve a balance between maintaining economic stability and providing the necessary protection for various citizen groups, without compromising their fundamental rights and the minimum standard of dignified living.

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