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The Egyptian Center represents 19 journalists from the “Al-Tareeq” newspaper before the labor court after they were arbitrarily dismissed.

During January and February, the Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights (ECESR) has filed, so far, notices for 19 labor lawsuits on behalf of journalists from the “Al-Tareeq” newspaper, which is published by the ”Al-Safwa for Press and Printing” company, following their arbitrary dismissal.

The center has taken on 19 labor lawsuits for the journalists of “Al-Tareeq,” who were arbitrarily dismissed at the beginning of November 2023, and were prevented from entering the workplace, despite each of them working for more than a year. The newspaper relocated its headquarters without informing them, and when they went to the new location to work, they were informed of their dismissal and their accounts on the newspaper’s website were closed.

As a result, the journalists filed a collective police report as evidence of the situation, with file number 9270 for the year 2023 at the Dokki police station on November 4, 2023. Then they went to the Dokki labor office to file complaints about the arbitrary dismissal from service, However an amicable settlement was not possible because the newspaper’s representative refused to attend the discussion.

Therefore, all complaints were referred, at the request of the complainants, to the North Giza Primary Court, which is competent to consider these lawsuits.

The lawsuits have been heard before 6 labor courts in the North Giza Primary Court since late January 2024. The center’s lawyers are representing the journalists, and 19 notices with the substantive requests for the lawsuits have been submitted. The hearings and procedures before the court are ongoing to secure the legal rights of the journalists who were arbitrarily dismissed.

The Egyptian Center condemns the newspaper’s decision to dismiss the mentioned journalists, which was contrary to the law, and confirms its continued provision of legal support to help them obtain their rights and compensation for the harm they have suffered.

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