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Rejecting the implementation of judicial rulings, “Universal” management refuses the entry to 7 workers who obtained return to work rulings


“Universal Appliances” company management banned a number of its workers from entering it to resume their work, although they had obtained judicial rulings to return to work, prompting the workers to take the necessary legal actions in the presence of lawyers from the Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights (ECESR)

The Center’s lawyers, on Thursday, March 7, 2024, accompanied by 7 workers from the company had gone to implement the rulings to return to work, together with the payment of their financial entitlements, including wages and allowances from the date of their dismissal until the date of the judgment.

Upon arriving at the company’s headquarters, the management refused to receive the workers and prevented them from entering, rejecting the implementation of the judicial rulings. Therefore, legal actions were taken, and the workers, along with the Center’s lawyers, went to the labor office in October City and filed a complaint stating that they were harmed by the company’s refusal to implement the rulings in their favor.

The complaint was scheduled for March 28, 2024, to summon the Company’s representatives, and discuss an amicable settlement, A registered mail was sent to the Company’s president.

The Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights filed 60 lawsuits on behalf of a group of workers at Universal Engineering Industries company against the company’s management decisions to dismiss them and delay their entitlements. The Labor Court ruled in 55 of these lawsuits to reject the company’s dismissal order and to continue their work, with the payment of their overdue entitlements.

Moreover, the court ruled in three other cases to compensate the workers for being arbitrarily dismissed, amounting 420,000 pounds, and two cases were settled with the company’s management.

The Center praised the issuance of rulings for the workers in record time, estimated at about a few months, as the lawsuits were filed on behalf of them from the end of August to the beginning of September 2022, and the court issued its decisions in a much shorter time frame than the usual average in such lawsuits, after it was convinced and believed through the documents presented and the defense team’s argument, of the injustice against workers, together with their difficult and inhuman condition.

The rulings were decisive and conclusive in affirming, without doubt, the workers’ compliance with the law, and that the company’s accusation against them of striking to disrupt work is an untrue claim lacking seriousness and reasonableness, as the workers – before filing the lawsuits, whether by the company’s dismissal order or by the workers themselves because they have been wronged for a long time – tried all possible avenues before resorting to the Labor Court.

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