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Months after being released and arbitrary dismissed in a violation to law.. Faculty of Engineering Beni-Suef University asks Professor Mohamed Mohie El-Din to return his financial dues

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The lawyers of the Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights (ECESR) in their capacity as an attorney representative of Professor Mohamed Mohie El-Din, an assistant professor, received a letter from the Faculty of Engineering asking him to refund some of what he had received as a part of his financial dues according to Law.

The administration of the Faculty of Engineering punishes Professor Mohie, who was supposed to return to his work, according to Universities’ Regulation and Civil Service Laws. In addition to the Faculty’ s refusal to allow him to continue his work after being imprisoned in pretrial detention for a period of three years and four months, then being released without issuing any judicial ruling against him. Then, the Faculty of Engineering issued decision No. 1163 on August 10,2022, to terminate his service, in a violation to the provisions of the law and decisions of the Public Prosecution.

In light of the policy of systematic oppression used by the administration of the faculty, the Center’s lawyers filed lawsuit No.1929 of the judicial year 10, before Beni- Suef Administrative Court, demanding the court to accept the lawsuit in form. In addition to halting and cancelling the implementation of the termination of service decision, in addition to the consequences, at top of which his return to his work as an assistant professor in the Civil Engineering Department at the Faculty of Engineering Beni-Suef University. Together with the payment of his dues for his period in pretrial detention, and with the occupational ramifications and financial dues resulting therefrom .

It’s worth mentioning that previously the administrative Court issued a decision in favor of dr. Shady El Ghazaly Harb, the assistant professor in Kasr Al- Ainy Medical School, Cairo University, after being released bending a similar case, as the President of Cairo University refused to hand him his duties in the Department of General Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University. The Center’s lawyers succeeded in obtaining a judgement a judgment to cancel this decision.

The Center’s lawyers were surprised with this letter which contradicts the declared policies and recommendations, with regard to dealing with the recently released prisoners of Conscience and reintegrating them in society. As, sometimes the administration of the University abstains from implementing the law , and other times from participating in exerting efforts to achieve a solution to the file of this crisis.

Based on the above, the Center’s lawyers sent a legal response with a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to the Administration of the Faculty of Engineering, Beni-Suef University , in which they demanded proving that those sums were actually disbursed illegally. Moreover, they demanded to stop such decisions, as the whole case constitutes a violation to the provisions of law as we previously mentioned. In addition, this case is under the consideration of the Court as a defective administrative decision.

It’s worth mentioning that Professor Mohamed Mohie was arrested from his home , on February 22, 2019, and he was interrogated and imprisoned in a pretrial detention from that date of arrest, till he was released on June 2, 2022 after the declared openness, regarding some Cases for a number of politicians and prisoners of conscience.

The Egyptian Center denounces these measures against Professor Mohie, and calls Beni-Suef University, the Supreme Council of Universities, ministry of higher education, and all responsible bodies to intervene to stop these practices against him, and restore his legal rights for him, on top of which allowing him to continue his duties, and disbursing the rest of his financial dues, according to law.


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