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In World Press Freedom Day, (ECESR) demands the improvement of the Press workers’ conditions, and the establishment of policies to combat arbitrary dismissal, and the achievement of more freedoms of the Press


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The (ECESR) praises journalists on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, appreciating their efforts in raising awareness, information accessibility and sharing, affirming that Press freedom is an integral part of human rights in general.

During his speech, the Secretary General of the United Nations, stated that the increase of controlling mass media in the hands of few persons, and the fiscal collapse for dozens of independent news foundations, together with the increase in issuing national laws and bylaws that stifle journalists, all of that threatens Press freedom.

The center reminds that whilst journalists struggle in the battle of information accessibility and disclosure of facts, they face several obstacles that block their performance to do their work, including their professional and .economical conditions

Furthermore, some journalists are subjected to illegal practices, top of which is the arbitrary dismissal, wage manipulation and so on.

Over the year, the Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights obtained a number of judicial rulings in favor of journalists against seven institutions, newspapers and websites, due to their arbitrary dismissal without legal reasons and justifications. During these lawsuits, the Center succeeded in obtaining compensatios for those journalists that exceeded half million pounds.

The Egyptian Center greets journalists in World Press Freedom Day, and stresses the necessity of providing effective mechanisms to improve the conditions of Press workers and the declaration of clear policies to combat arbitrary dismissal in news corporations, together with launching more freedoms in journalism, and the removal of press ban of the blocked news websites

The Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights is always feel glad to provide legal assistance and support to the affected journalists, through it’s legal teamwork in Cairo and a number of governorates.



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