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Against Law 32: ECESR Challenges Constitutionality of Corrupt Contracts Law

First ECESR challenge filed at the Constitutional Court this year: Contested Law Engenders Corruption, Protects Corrupt Government Contracts On 8 July.

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Criminal Justice | ECESR Gets Acquittal Decisions in Cairo and Alexandria Protest-Related Cases, Calls for Releasing Detainees

ECESR calls for releasing Azbakia and Miami detainees, abiding by the acquittal decision, and the immediate release of all revolutionary.

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Rights and Liberties | Administrative Justice Authorizes Challenging Constitutionality of Protest Act

The Administrative Court of Justice authorized today challenging the constitutionality of Protest Act before the Supreme Constitutional Court. The ECESR,.

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Environment | Tomorrow: Environment Minister Testifies in ECESR Case to Ban Coal Use

Environment Minister is to testify before the Administrative Court of Justice on Saturday in the “coal” lawsuit lodged by ECESR.

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Rights and Liberties | Lawsuit Demands Holding Demonstration against Price Rises, Challenges Unconstitutionality of Protest Act Articles 8 & 10

ECESR’s lawyers, in collaboration with the Rule of Law Support Center, brought an action against the President of the Republic,.

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Corruption Cases | ECESR Authorized to Challenge Constitutionality of Investment Act, Publishes Memorandum

ECESR lawyers succeeded today in getting authorization from the Administrative Court to challenge the unconstitutionality of the recent amendments decreed.

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Postponing White Taxi Challenge to March 18 for State to Review

Feb 26, 2014: communiqués and petitions, social rights, economic rights The Administrative Court heard yesterday the challenge 27071/68 filed by.

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In January 2014: Doctors Spearhead 55 Protests in Egypt

Throughout last January, which commemorates the third anniversary of the Egyptian revolution, the paid workers in Egypt organized 55 protests.

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