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Profile| Ismail Alexandrani

The ECESR will be updating the information constantly on Ismail’s case


Journalist and researcher on Sinai issues, Ismail Alexandrani has been detained since 29/11/2016, the last procedure taken was on the 29/8/2016 extending his temporary detention for another 45 days, which makes the duration till his next hearing session exceeds the 1 year.

Alexandrani, was arrested during his return to Egypt from Berlin, at the Hurgada Airport, as he was attending a conference there. He was interrogated at the airport before being transferred to Higher National Security Prosecution, and accusation of several charges like: Joining a prohibited group (a charge commonly attached to joining Muslim Brotherhood), and publishing false news.

Detailed info:

Studying Journalism in Alexandria University, Alexandrani then worked as an Investigative Journalist specializing in Sinai and the Egyptian borders’ issues. His works are published in several news journals, international, regional and national electronic newspapers. He worked as a volunteering researcher in ECESR (Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights), responsible for the Sinai issues, he was a former “Reagan Fascell” Fellow for democracy from the International Forum for Democracy Studies in Washington (2012-2013), where he studies cyber defense against marginalization in Sinai and Upper Egypt, he also worked as a social and political analyst in various international media hubs, like: BBC and France 24. He was awarded “Hany Darwish” award for his article “How does a single square says the story of a nation”, as well as “Outstanding Journalist” in the “Open Eye” contest (Germany 2014). He is commonly known by his serious and objective topics and devotion to research.

The Case:

  • The incident of arrest:

Alexandrani was arrested on Sunday 29 Nov. 2015 at the Hurgada airport, after a European trip to Germany, without declared reasons from the Ministry of Interior (MOI), he was then detained and interrogated at the airport before deporting him to National Security to continue the interrogation. After the prosecution charged him, a case was opened with the No. 5609/2015, and he was temporarily detained in Tora Prison since then.

  • Charges, relevant legal articles, and legal procedures:

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