Prosecution Investigates with Officers from Luxor Police Station into Shabeeb’s Murder

Prosecution Investigates with Officers from Luxor Police Station into Shabeeb’s Murder

  • The police station paper trails did not include the arrest commission

  • Testimonies of witnesses stated that Shabeeb had died before arriving to hospital

  • Reports that the deceased was in good health prior to his death

The Luxor Prosecution investigated today with four officers regarding the death of Tal’aat Shabeeb, Luxor’s victim who died inside the police station on 24 November 2015.

Tal'aat Shabeeb
Tal’aat Shabeeb

The four officers with the initials S. H., M. A., A. A. & B. T. from the Luxor Police Station claimed in the interrogation that his family advised them against assault since he suffered from a heart disease. The victim felt sick when he was in the police station and fainted as soon as he was referred to holding. The police station moved him to hospital.

However, according to testimony of the paramedic who moved Shabeeb to hospital, he received Shabeeb’s body inside the police station without any pulse. The hospital ticket (UPDATE: link removed for unknown reasons) stated that he had arrived as a dead body. Moreover, four other witnesses as well as the wife and sister of the victim stated that he did not suffer from illnesses and added that his health was fine.

The prosecution ordered the inclusion of the paper trails of the police station as soon as the interrogation statements were taken. According to the trails, the arrest commission of Tal’aat Shabeeb was not included in the logs. Therefore, the prosecution decided to summon all commissioned and non-commission officers and personnel of the police station who were present at the day of the incident.

The testimony of the police station staff stated that the arrest commission consisted of the four officers mentioned above and that they came back with the victim before taking him to the investigations office at the police station, and that they decided to move him to the holding room. However, the shift officer refused to accept him in as he was very fatigued.

The ECESR lawyer stated that the prosecution order was issued today to temporarily release the four officers from the prosecution premises pending the result of the forensic report on the victim’s autopsy.

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