All You Need to Know: File on coal pollution
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All You Need to Know: File on coal pollution

This file is prepared by Anti-Coal Egyptians, a coalition of NGOs and experts, including ECESR, working to stop the use of coal in various industries and energy production

The file includes:

  •     Anti-Coal Egyptians’ statement: cement companies extorts the state and Egyptians, would we succumb to blackmail?
  •     Position paper: A Position paper issued by Anti-Coal Egyptians with respect to the use of coal as an energy source, including accurate information based on a research paper on the use of coal and its problems.
  •     A research paper: it addresses the road to power self-sufficiency in Egypt and alternatives to the use of coal in the cement industry.
  •     An official fax from Tourism Investors Association for Development, Environment and Tourism regarding the import of coal for the cement industry and its impact on health and environment.
  •     A medical study: it is about health hazards as a result to the use of coal in the cement factories.


More of the ECESR’s environmental justice program:

  • The ECESR’s statement on the government’s tendency to approve the use of coal in the cement industry.
  • A position paper by the ECESR on the issue.
  • A statement on the lawsuit filed by ECESR calling for stopping the use of coal.


And also

Letters from ECESR and other organizations to the concerned bodies:

  • Civil society organizations’ letter to government ministers about the decision of using coal.
  • Civil society letters to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development on its plans to finance government projects fueled by coal (and a detailed memorandum attached to respond to all Bank allegations).



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