Protest Bulletin, First Half of January 2014
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Protest Bulletin, First Half of January 2014

January First

Doctors at Luxor Public Hospital stage a protest stand demanding cadre implementation:

Dozens of doctors at the Luxor Public Hospital organized a protest stand in front of the hospital’s main gate protesting the benefits package Dr. Maha Al-Rabat, Minister of Health, announced and demanding the implementation of the medical professions cadre.

Doctors in Alexandria participate in the general strike and organize protest stands:

Hundreds of doctors working on hospitals in Alexandria started a partial strike in the Ministry of Health hospitals to demand the issuance of the medical professions cadre and enhance the performance of the health system in Egypt.

Doctors in Asyut stage a partial strike to protest the cadre:

A number of doctors in Asyut hospitals started a partial strike in outpatient clinics only in response to calls from the Doctors Syndicate to protest the delay in implementing their cadre and refuse the bonuses the Ministry of Health decided to grant them.

Doctors in Suez strike in outpatient clinics only:

Doctors in Suez responded to calls from the Doctors Syndicate for a partial strike under the title: “Together for Health System Killing neither Patients nor Doctors”.

Construction workers shut down Ain Sokhna power station in Suez to demand employment:

In Suez, construction workers in Ain Sokhna power station shut down the gates of the Ain Sokhna Port power station to protest the abstention of the Electricity Authority officials from employing them.

The workers said the negotiations between them and the Ministry of Electricity officials that took place after security figures and public figures in Suez intervened came to nothing. They shut down the station again after the period agreed on with the Ministry officials ended.

January Second

Nubia Museum employees stage a Protest stand to demand accrued financial benefits:

Dozens of employees at the Nubia Museum staged a protest stand in front of the museum to demand receiving their accrued financial benefits.

Employees at the Health Insurance Organization in Beni Suef stage a protest stand to demand inclusion in the doctors’ cadre:

Employees at the Health Insurance Organization in Beni Suef, including doctors, pharmacists, nurses, administrative staff, technicians and workers, organized a protest stand because they were not included in the Ministry of Health cadre for doctors and medical professions.

Work disrupted at Sokhna Port containers yard due to workers protest:

Mahmoud El-Ridi, head of the customs agents union in Suez, stated that work stopped completely in the containers handling yard at Sokhna Port due to the protest of Red Sea Ports Authority workers. They are protesting the lack of due medical care for a colleague who suffered a work injury.

CTUWS support steel workers sit-in:

The Center for Trade Union and Workers’ Services (CTUWS) voiced their support for the Egyptian Iron and Steel Co. workers organizing a sit-in at the Ministry of Industry headquarters for the second day in a row. The workers are demanding the execution of the agreement signed by the workers and the government, in addition to revoking arbitrary decisions the company administration took and reshuffling the board of directors.

January Fourth

Antiquities restoration inspectors at the American Research Center in Asyut resume their strike for the fifth day:

Antiquities restoration inspectors at the American Research Center in Asyut resumed their open strike for the fifth consecutive day to protest the inflexibility of the American supervisor and her insistence to bring electrical devices into Thebes Tomb number 110, which puts their lives in danger.

Teachers at Industrial schools in Suez organize a sit-in to demand security protection:

Teachers at Industrial schools in Suez organized a sit-on and refused entering committees and oversee exams to protest the incident where a group of them were assaulted using a fire weapon inside Al-Mustakbal Industrial School.

January Fifth

Dozens of employees at Dakahliya Public Council organize a sit-in to demand dismissing the governor:

Dozens of employees at Dakahliya Public Council organized a sit-in and strike inside the office of Mr. Omar Al-Shawadfi, the governor of Dakahliya, to protest what they described as the proliferation of favoritism and nepotism during the term of Al-Shawadfi and the council’s general secretary. They accuse the governor and the general secretary Ahmad Al-Idkawi of disregarding laws and regulations when they spend governorate funds.

Tanta Flax protest in front of ETUF:

Tanta Flax and Oils workers protested in front of the Egyptian Trade Union Federation (ETUF) in Cairo because the government is stalling the execution of a court order for their return to the company after forcing them to retire and abstaining from providing the materials required for the company to provide maximum output.

January Sixth

Dozens of workers at Suez Polyester factory protest the suspension of six workers:

Dozens of workers at Suez Polyester factory protested in front of the factory in Ataqa Industrial Area to demand the return of six workers the administration suspended because they submitted a memorandum demanding financial rights for workers.

January Seventh

East Delta Co. workers in Banha organize sit-in to protest not receiving their wages:

Workers in the Banha branch of the East Delta Co. for Public Transport and Buses organized a sit-in for the second consecutive day because their monthly wages are late and the lack of balances for paying wage checks. The workers crowded inside the branch to demand their financial rights that necessitate receiving wages in their due times, in addition to applying the minimum wage because they are state workers.

January Eighth

Journalists at Al-Masry Al-Yawm start an open sit-in at the newspaper headquarters to protest arbitrary layoff:

Journalists at Al-Masry Al-Yawm newspaper and members of the Journalists Syndicate started an open sit-in at the newspaper headquarters at Mubtadayan Street, Cairo to protest the decision to arbitrary layoff journalists in violation to the law and contract clauses, according to the journalists.

Administrate staff joins the doctors strike in Suez:

Health insurance administrative staff in Suez organized a protest stand inside Al-Hilal Hospital and announced their strike. The protesters said they are demanding their inclusion in the doctors’ cadre and the development of the health system.

Doctors in Marsa Matruh and Dabaa start partial strike:

Doctors in Matruh governorate organized a partial strike under the banner “Towards Reforming the Medical System” at Matruh Public Hospital, Chest Hospital, Gynecology Hospital and Pediatric Hospital. Dabaa Central Hospital in the east of Matruh expressed solidarity with the strike.

Doctors at seven central and health insurance hospitals in Minya go on strike:

Doctors at hospitals in Minya announced they are going on partial strike in outpatient clinics in answer to instructions from the Doctors General Syndicate and in solidarity with their colleagues throughout the country to demand a special cadre and refuse the alternative cadre draft law.

Rate of doctors striking in Qaliubiya is 95%:

About 95% of doctors and pharmacists in Qaliubiya governorate went on strike inside Ministry of Health hospitals according to the governorate’s pharmacist syndicate announcement.

January Ninth

Terminated Shebin Textiles workers organize sit-in at ETUF:

Terminated Shebin Textiles workers organized a sit-in inside the Egyptian Trade Union Federation (RTUF) for the last three days to demand receiving monthly grants and returning to work.

Abdel-Fatah Ibrahim, ETUF president, organized a meeting between a delegation representing the terminated workers and Kamal Abo Eita, the Minister of Workforce to discuss their reemployment.

Shebin Textiles workers suspend sit-in following Ministry of Workforce talks:

Shebin Textiles workers suspended their sit-in following promises the Minister of Workforce, Kamal Abo Eita, gave them to reach an agreement on their behalf and on behalf of those who were forced to resign that would end in their reemployment.

Abo Eita promised the workers delegation with which he negotiated that the agreement will be reached of 14 January.

The workers pointed out that they will return to ETUF on the specified date, and that a delegation representing them will go to the ministry headquarters to finalize the agreement with the Minister of Workforce.

Lawyers strike at Wadi Al-Natrun Court:

A number of lawyers organized a sit-in inside Wadi Al-Natrun Summary Court, located in Behera governorate. They announced their strike due to disputes with prosecutors. The strike resulted in partial disruption for court sessions.

Protest stand against detaining journalist while covering Azhar events:

Journalists at Al-Masreyon independent newspapers organized a protest stand on the stairs of the Journalists Syndicate against the detention of their colleague Muhammad Abol-Fadl while covering clashes at Al-Azhar University.

Workers at Suez Steel stage protest stand against changing work contracts from annual to quarterly:

Dozens of workers at Suez Steel, located In Al-Adabiya industrial area in Suez, staged a protest stand in front of the company’s administration building because the company changed the contracts from annual to quarterly.

Suez Steel end their protest stand in front of the administration building:

Workers at Suez Steel ended their protest stand in front of the administration building after the company retracted their decision to remove fingerprints of 32 employed workers who refused to change their contracting system from permanent to temporary for 6 months or a year.

The administration pinpointed a list of 32 permanent employees scheduled for changing their contracts to temporary and demanding their confirmation.

The administration met the protesting workers who insisted on refusing the announced list.

A number of workers confirmed the company changed the contracts of about 320 workers from permanent to temporary and the contracting period was between 6 months to a year. When their contracts ended, they were laid off. The employees in the company went down from 2800 to less than 2500 within 5 months.

January Eleventh

Employees at Desuq Traffic Authority resume work after strike protesting the attack of a citizen on one of their colleagues:

Employees at Deuq Traffic Authority resumed their duties after shutting down the gates of the Traffic Unit and announcing an open strike to protest the attack of a citizen on one of their colleagues.

January Thirteenth

Ashmun trachers continue protests on their second day:

Teachers at Ashmun municipality, Monofeya governorate continued their protest for the second day in a row in front of the education administration. They are protesting because their names were not on the lists approved by the ministry for the position of teacher assistant. The teachers said they will demand their right and will go to the governor of Monofeya to solve the issue.

Workers at Tanta stations protest wage cuts:

Dozens of workers at Tanta stations administration are angry because the head of the administration failed in disciplining the workers in addition to treating them unequally. He also unjustifiably cut 30% of wages 9 months ago to put them on financial grades according to what he said.

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