Towards Fair Labor Law Campaign Delivers Draft Law to Government
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Towards Fair Labor Law Campaign Delivers Draft Law to Government

Today, a delegation of Towards Fair Labor Law Campaign will deliver a draft law to the Minister of Workforce and Immigration to replace the current labor law number 12 of 2003.

Another delegation will deliver the draft to the International Labour Organization (ILO) offices in Zamalek on Sunday, 24 May 2015.

The campaign consists of seven geographical and sectoral labor federations, 21 trade unions, 9 political parties, 7 civil society organizations, and various public figures.

The campaign started in February 2014, then officially launched in a press conference on 23 March 2015. Since then, the campaign worked on its draft and followed and analyzed all other drafts issued by the ministry.

The advantages of the campaign draft are:

  1. The draft solves problems in the current labor law and the drafts issued by the government concerning issues such as arbitrary layoff, labor subcontracting, wages, temporary labor, and collective bargaining.
  2. The campaign held social dialogue about the draft, and published criticism of the current law and government drafts. The resulting remarks from workers were incorporated into the draft.
  3. The draft solves unemployment problems and offers a vision for employment.
  4. The draft incorporated domestic workers and agriculture workers under legal protection, and did not discriminate between public servants and private workers.

The campaign relied on international agreements ratified by Egypt, the Egyptian constitution, and other sources.

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