Presidential Constitutional Declaration of Dec 8th, 2012
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Presidential Constitutional Declaration of Dec 8th, 2012

Follows the articles of the constitutional declaration of Dec 8th, issued by Presidency after the so called ” National Dialogue” between the president and Islamic political parties:

Article: 1

The Constitutional Declaration issued on November 21st, 2012, is repealed as of today, all consequent ramifications stand effective

Article: 2

In the event of new evidence arising, the investigations is to be reopened in the crimes of murder, attempted murder, injury of demonstrators and terrorism committed against citizens in the period between January 25th 2011 until June 30th 2012, if the committed crime happened through Jan 25th revolution, its anniversary or related to it.

If the re-investigation determined the validity of evidence for the previous crimes, the Public Prosecution is to refer the case to the respective court, even in the existence of a final verdict of exoneration or a dismissal of appeal by Public Prosecution on the exoneration verdict.

Article: 3

In the event of rejection of the constitutional draft by electors, which is to be voted upon in public referendum on Saturday, December 15th 2012, the President shall call for the a direct public election of a new constituent assembly comprised 100 members in no more than 3 months.

The assembly is to conclude its task in no more than 6 months from day of election.

The President shall call the electors to vote upon the new constitution draft in a public referendum within 30 days from receiving the draft.

In all events, the ballots counting process is to be carried out in the regional polling station publicly and announcement of the result is to occur immediately upon concluding counting, each electoral commission is to publicly introduce the polling result sheet signed by the commission head official.

Article: 4

The Constitutional declarations, including this declaration, cannot be contested before any judicial body; all cases to this effect currently litigated before any courts are hence annulled.

Article: 5

This Constitutional Declaration is to be published in the official paper, and becomes effective on such date.

December 8th 2012 AD

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