Presidential Decree Granting Armed Forces Members Power Of Arrest
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Presidential Decree Granting Armed Forces Members Power Of Arrest

Follows the context of the presidential decree granting Armed Forces members Jurisdictional Power of Arrest:

Law no. 107 of year 2012

On the Matter of the Armed Forces Participation in the Tasks of Security Keeping

Article: 1

The Armed Forces endorse the Police Forces with full coordination in procedures pertaining to keeping security and protection of vital institutions for a temporary period ending by the announcement of constitutional referendum result, The Minister of Defense determines the geographical areas, the participating army members and their tasks, without undermining the primary role of the armed forces in protection of state and safeguarding its land.

Article: 2

The participating army officers in the tasks of security keeping and protection of vital state’s institutions possess full jurisdictional power of arrest and all related powers assigned to police members in accordance with the criminal procedures law in relation to the required tasks, while preserving the conditions and regulations stipulated in police body regulatory law

Article: 3

Armed forces members will adhere, in fulfilling the tasks of jurisdictional power of arrest according to this decree, to all duties of the Jurisdictional Officer stipulated in the Criminal Procedures Law, including the submitted reports to the respective public prosecution office, in accordance to the jurisdictional regulations stipulated in the aforementioned law. Without undermining the jurisdiction of the military judiciary,the civil judiciary will have jurisdiction in adjudication proceedings for the submitted reports.

Article : 4

This decree is to be published in the official paper, and will have power of law effective the day consecutive to publishing.

Dec 9th, 2012

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