On World Cancer Day: Egyptian Authorities Continue to Imprison Child of Cancer Among Others
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On World Cancer Day: Egyptian Authorities Continue to Imprison Child of Cancer Among Others

Until now and despite reports and appeals made by civil society organizations, rights groups and the general public, the Egyptian judiciary continues to violate children’s rights and detaining them following clashes that occur.

The matter reached its worst; yesterday, February 3, 2012, when a child in the city of Alexandria, suffering from cancer had his detention renewed again. The authorities refused to release Mahmoud Adel Mohammed (14 years old) despite his illness. As a result, he missed a necessary chemotherapy session. The continuation of his detention and denial of access to the necessary medical care threatens his recovery and as a result his condition is deteriorating.

The Judge: Mohamed Abdel Wahab (of El Manshya Misdemeanor Court), who reviewed and investigated Mahmoud and other children, including Abdel-Rahman Ramadan Mohamed (14 years old), accused them of “disturbing public order” and “assault on security forces.”. The doctor in charge of examining Mahmoud (Shady Fadel) wanted to examine the child while in handcuffs.

These events, in which the Egyptian police detained around 110 minors, witnessed the grave violations by the Egyptian judiciary and prosecution of the rights of defendants and the obvious violations of the Child Protection Act. Children detained were investigated in a manner violating the law, then incarcerated with adults, all of them in illegal places of detention at the Central Security Forces camps.

The Authorities’ behaviour is moving from bad to worst, and the situation of all detainees, especially that of children, call for national and international attention.

The Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights (ECESR) decries the abuse and ill treatment of children in detention – particularly with regards to them being held with Adults and in illegal detention centers – and the deprivation of children of the medical care needed.

The ECESR demand the authorities to:

  • Immediately providing the necessary medical care for Mahmoud Adel Mohammed and to allow him to continue his cancer treatment;
  • Secure that all detained children are held in suitable detention centers specified only for children; and
  • Open an investigation into the ill-treatment and abuse of children in detention.

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