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ECESR and HMLC Lawyers Assaulted by Police

The Egyptian Center for Economic & Social Rights (ECESR) and Hisham Mubarak Law Center (HMLC) condemn and protest the assault of Egyptian police forces on two of their lawyers; Mr. Mohammed Fadil and Mr. Anas Sayed, yesterday in front of Abdeen court house while the two lawyers were practicing their duties and attending investigations with some of the arrested protesters from yesterday.

An altercation took place between the two lawyers and police forces after they witnessed the abuse and beating of the arrested protesters on the hands of polices soldiers and officers, a situation which led the lawyers to object and attempt to stop such mal treatment, only to be ambushed upon exiting the office of the public prosecutor to be assaulted and beaten by 2 officers and their soldiers, the public prosecutor witnessed this assault.

The two lawyers reported the attack to the prosecution, which opened the investigation and heard the two lawyers as victims and the police soldiers as offenders, the lawyers were transferred to a hospital for the preliminary medical report and will be examined by forensic doctors to determine extent of injuries.

ECESR and HMLC affirm that the police use of violence is systemic and must be confronted, this incident is not an isolated one, it was preceded by other attacks on lawyers on several occasions, such attacks clearly exhibit the police methodology in using violence and the complete disregard of the law, and puts to the front center again the need to address the issue of  full purging and restructuring of the entire Ministry of Interior (MOI) and prosecute all involved in such crimes.

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