Labor Rights | ECESR Wins LE 200,000 Compensation for Bank Clerk over Arbitrary Dismissal
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Labor Rights | ECESR Wins LE 200,000 Compensation for Bank Clerk over Arbitrary Dismissal

ECESR wins LE 200,000 compensation for a CIB bank employee over arbitrary dismissal

The Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights (ECESR) received a ruling forcing the Commercial International Bank (CIB) to compensate an employee with 200,000 pounds even though his employment duration was only 6 years and 2 months.

Case background

The employee joined CIB on 28 July 2002 on a fixed duration work contract ending on 31 July 2004. He was later appointed on a permanent job as of 1 August 2004. On 7 September 2008 the employee uncovered various corruption cases in CIB’s credit information department. He reported the cases to chairman, who ordered an investigation on 14 September and confirmed the corruption.

The employee was later subjected to mistreatment from bank managers who employed illegitimate measures to force him to quit. Resisting management pressure, the bank threatened to fire him. He submitted a complaint to the Central Bank governor on 26 April 2011 against Hisham Ezz-El-Arab, CIB chief executive, and others. The complaint summary was that they do not uphold laws and regulations, leading to squandering public funds. He also accused them of oppressing him to force him to resign despite his experience and expertise by promoting less capable employees because he uncovered administrative corruption in 2008.

On 15 May 2011 he found out he is under investigation by orders of the chief executive over the complaint he sent. The investigator accused him of libeling bank leaders without proof. He asked the investigator to refer him to the general prosecution for questioning so that he can prove his accusations and provide evidence, but the investigator refused. After three days of investigation, the employee was arbitrarily dismissed and referred to the labor court.

Court ruling

The court (Circuit 19 Giza Plenary Workers, case number 847 of 2011) refused CIB’s defense pleadings and ordered the payment of 200,000 pounds compensation for arbitrarily dismissing the employee.

ECESR appreciates the ruling that brought justice. Still, we stress on the fact that the current labor law number 12 of 2003 is to blame for giving a free hand to employers and boards in arbitrarily dismissing workers and employees. As a member of Towards a Fair Labor Law campaign, ECESR demands abolishing the law due to articles we consider unfair for workers. We are asking for a new law that provides more balance for the employment relationship. Hence, the campaign whose members include parties, NGOs, syndicates, unions and public figures drafted a proposed labor law to express their demands.

ECESR considers that granting labor rights and stability is an important rule to create social stability and real economic development where workers and employees feel they are part of a greater process that will improve his quality of living. This is an important step towards social justice, besides the right to fair wages, adequate housing, and quality health and education services and humane utilities.

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