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Criminal Justice | ECESR Takes Legal Measures Against Defendats Accused in “Manial” Events

Lawyers At ECESR’s Criminal Justice Program , in their capacity as representatives of the mother of the child” Mohammed Fathi Hanafi” who was shot in the violent events witnessed by the district of Manial at the beginning of last July, claimed civil damages against a number of the leaders of the Islamic movements accused criminally and being investigated * in violent events in which a child was wounded in question.

The legal team at ECESR , claimed damges against : Mohamed Badie (MB Head Guide) and leaders: Khairat El-Shater , Mahmoud Ezzat, Mohamed El-Beltagy, Hazem Salah Abu Ismail Safwat Hijaz. Essam el-Erian and Helmy Elgazzar, Mahmoud Ghozlan , Rashad al-Bayoumi and Mohi Hamed, accused in the events that resulted in the killing and injuring of about 30 people residents of the neighborhood.

The violent events dates back to July 6th, 2013, when supporters of Morsi, the unseated president, moved out of their sit-in in Nahda square towards Tahrir Square across the district of Manial , in order to support their other members of Islamic movements in clashes that took place around Tahrir sq., which broke out following the attack of Morsi supporters on the protesters Tahrir sq., after Badie; MB head guide, called upon supporters of Morsi to:” save no means” to defend what he called ” the Established legitimacy”.

The people of Manial intercepted the march of Morsi’s supporters, to prevent them from going to Tahrir Square and participate in the assault on demonstrators there , after which Morsi’s supporters began their attack and firing on residents of Manial, the long night ended in many causalities.

* Case No. 3676 for the year 2013 administrative Misr El-Qadima

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