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Criminal Justice | Military Court Acquits 5 Doctors Charged with Firing at Military Post in Al-Arish

On September 15th, 2013, Military Court acquitted* two doctors and a nurse and two medical technicians working in Al-Arish Fever Hospital in Al-Arish City, who were arrested from the hospital after a terrorist attack targeted a nearby military post near Arish airport on July 24th, 2013.

The case hearings deliberated the attached Military Intelligence investigations report, hearing prosecution witnesses and from the Interior ministry Directorate, on whether there were Security personals charged with securing the hospital . At a Sept. 15th, the court acquitted the defendants of the charges against them.

Lawyer of ECESR: Hossam El-Gendy, was of the Doctor’s defense team, along with his mates, helped secure the acquittal fro the defendants, in a case that again proved that emergency judiciary and military courts are still a persisting threat to the justice system in Egypt.

It is noteworthy that the doctors : Ahmad Allam Abdullah Ali, a resident doctor from Fayoum Governorate and Mohammed Jalal Mohammed Mustafa Haseeb, from Damietta, have been arrested from Al-Arish hospital during night shift, and were referred to the military prosecution and then the military court, because of the suspicion of fire coming from within the walls of the hospital on the attacked military post.

The eyewitnesses and hospital staff testified that the walls of the hospital are very low, and they are without security at all, and workers can not control the spacious surroundings, especially at night.

* in the case “No. 204 of 2013″ Ismailia Military Court”

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