Police Terrorism Returns First Day of Ill-Reputed Law
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Police Terrorism Returns First Day of Ill-Reputed Law

On the very first day of the so-called “ Organizing the Right to Demonstrate and Public Assembly” law coming to enforcement, the ill-reputed law which all of political and civil society groups have joined together to denounce, as the UN Commission on Human Rights, which asked for its reform, The Egyptian Ministry Of Interior has surely shown today the true aim behind its unreserved persistence to pass this law; the absolute banning of all peaceful demonstrating rights.

Police and Central Security Forces have used excessive force to break up two consecutive protests this afternoon (Tuesday Nov 26th, 2013), the first of these protests have gathered tens of protesters in front of the Journalist’s Syndicate in downtown Cairo to commemorate the memory of Jaber “Jika” Salah, who was shot dead this day a year ago while participating in the protests commemorating the Events of Mohammed Mahmoud a year before ( Nov 20th 2012), While the second protests which assembled hours afterwards in front of Shura Council, protesting the consenting Military Trails for civilians in the new constitution, while the constitutional committee session was convened.

Security Forces, following their blockade of the protest, issued a warning five minutes later, then proceeded to use water canons and tear gas to disperse the demonstration, they chased the fleeing demonstrators, arresting many of them while beating and dragging them on the streets of downtown Cairo, the arrested individuals of the second protest were held inside the Shura Council quarters, with full disregard for laws and Parliamentarian conventions.

As we condemn this new excessive and brutal use of force by security forces, we state that this is a new violation by the Egyptian Police towards the right of peaceful assembly, a right that was guaranteed by all passing Egyptian constitutions and international treaties and conventions that Egypt has signed, which- in effect – render them legally binding, Secondly; we affirm that the new law, which oppresses right to peaceful assembly – as it contradicts the essence of the Constitution and the international conventions – is considered illegitimate and nulled, as it was passed by an interim and unelected government, that possess no true representation of the people and hold no authority to take down from their rights, Thirdly; It must be stressed that the even notorious law does not permit Police forces to disperse any demonstration in the case of the organizers not notifying the authorities, it also does not permit “Gradual Use Of Force” except under the certain conditions that revolve around peacefulness of said demonstration and given that Individuals and Structures are not to be harmed. Given that the participants in both demonstrations did not commit any non-peaceful actions, the conduct of the police forces is considered illegal, even under their ill-reputed law which the Ministry of Interior used as a justification of the its crack down.

The Egyptian Center for Social & Economic Rights “ECESR” confirms its denouncement of this disreputable law, and urges Adly Mansour, the Interim President, to suspend its enforcement and postpone any planned bills for similar laws until a legitimate and popular representative Parliament is elected, The Center also demands immediate release of all those detained today, and immediate investigation by Public Prosecutor into the brutal physical attack of the Police on the demonstrators, The Egyptian Center asserts that the State’s attempt to regain its Security Grip on the political discourse will surely fail, and will deliver the current regime the same fate as its predecessors, the State’s excuse of a “War On Terrorism” and need to protect the state’s and citizen’s security is a disgraceful excuse that has already failed upon first test

The True stability will not be attained through legalizing the police chaotic violence against those who practice their natural right of peaceful demonstration and assembly, The lost Security will not be obtained by sanctioning the Ministry of Interior hand to run wildly unconstrained in Egypt Streets, The True path towards true stability and citizens’ security is through the building of a True State of Rights, Freedoms and Social Justice that the Revolution has long seeked.

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