Heritage | ECESR Reports Khufu’s Pyramid Cartouche Stolen
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Heritage | ECESR Reports Khufu’s Pyramid Cartouche Stolen

ECESR legal unit has filed a report with the Public Prosecution office against all of; “Minister of Antiquities, Head of the Egyptian Antiquities ,Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities , Manager for Pyramid archaeological sites, Interior minister , Head of the Tourist and Antiquities Police and Sheriff of Pyramid Area Police Station) for their negligence to provide the needed protection to one of Egypt’s most important archaeological sites.

Egypt’s Heritage Task Force; one of the active initiatives that monitors violations against archaeological sites; uncovered earlier this month a YouTube video that shows a German researcher named ” Dominic Jurtez” stealing a sample from King Khufu Cartouch from inside the main burial chamber inside the great pyramid.

The Cartouche is an oval shaped rock engraved with the name of King Khufu in red ink, the cartouche was in the burial chamber no.5, on the very top of the great pyramid and is accessed through 10-meter latter and a rope, and requires special permissions form Ministry Of Antiquities and National Security office, the chamber is completely closed to researchers most of the time, which begs many questions on how the German researcher managed to access it with climbing tools, photography equipment and an entire working crew, and managing to steal parts of the cartouche and travel back to Germany, to conduct his own studies to support his claims in his researches that the Pyramids were not built by ancient Egyptians.

ECESR’s lawyers have started all necessary legal actions to bring those responsible for this grave violation to accountability.

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