Criminal justice | Rescue Mohamed Doma, Suffering of Revolution Injured Continues
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Criminal justice | Rescue Mohamed Doma, Suffering of Revolution Injured Continues

As an agent acting on behalf of Mohamed Shaaban Khidr Doma, injured on January 28, 2011 clashes, the ECESR lodged the lawsuit 2713/69 before the Administrative Court of Justice against the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, the Minister of Health, and the Secretary General of the National Council for the care of injured and families of martyrs of the revolution, for failing to care the injured and families of martyrs.

Mohamed was injured in the head, chest and abdomen on January 28, 2011 by the police bullets fired at demonstrators. He was hospitalized to the general hospital of Damanhor, where the diagnosis had shown that his left eye suffered bleeding and bruises in the upper and lower eyelashes, as long as an explosion in the right eye. A surgery for the right eye’s glass body was conducted and the bleeding was stopped and the retina holes were treated in addition to silicon injection and internally laser. It showed also scars in the eyeball with a partial retinal detachment of the lower part of the retina.

The medical report issued by the World Medical Center diagnosed the appellant to be suffering from atrophy of the eyeball, and recommended medically changing the industrial crust. But this type of treatment is not available in the WMC, said the report. Doma needs promptly to be treated abroad, in addition to the allocation of funds necessary for traveling and all procedures related to the travel process. However, the authorities refused taking any serious procedures to cure him, putting his life at risk.

The appellant resorted to the specialized medical councils and filed his medical report, in addition to submitting many complaints, requests and a series of telegrams to the officials and to whom it may concern in Egypt. But no official had lifted a finger, which constitutes a violation of the Constitution, the law and international human rights instruments.

The case of Doma is not the first, nor the last of its kind; there are hundreds of injured people who fought the battle of freedom along with millions of Egyptians to end an era of oppression and domination. The injured people’s suffering has two angles: they have to carry the scars and hallmarks of their injuries; on the other hand, delay and inaction on the part of officials is an additional burden that could cost them their lives or make them live permanently disabled without treatment.

The ECESR confirms standing beside the injured and their right to full treatment wherever this treatment may be, in Egypt or abroad. They are not less than the people who are being treated with millions of pounds abroad at the expense of the state, simply because they are famous or influential or high-profile people. ECESR also emphasizes on supporting the families of victims until they are included in the lists of martyrs along with the pension due to them.

Mohamed Shaaban Khidr Doma (injured during the revolution) Challenge Notice (Arabic)

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