QUIT, You Liar!

QUIT, You Liar!

Congratulations to Al-Ganzoury for entering the Council of Ministers on a red carpet painted and tainted with the blood of Martyrs and Victims of the Egyptian revolution. The blood tainting Al-Ganzoury’s entry into the Council of Ministry results from the violent and repressive way of breaking-up the protest at the Council of Ministers, the dispersal of protestors was carried out through the use of all forms of murder and repression leaving behind hundreds of wounded and at least nine martyrs; with a criminality no less heinous than the crimes committed against the revolutionaries in 28 January, the events of Maspero, the events of Mohamed Mahmoud Street. On the contrary, the criminality this time at the Council of Ministers superseded past crimes against protestors and revolutionaries, by targeting women and abusing them through all means to the extent of raping and sexually assaulting them, with all meanness and cowardice.

Here is the Prime Minister, who has promised before that the sit-in in front of the Council of Ministers will not be attacked, not even verbally. Here is the Prime Minister who yesterday defended the crimes committed by the forces of the army against the protestors and revolutionaries; the heinous crimes that were shown widely by the Egyptian media this morning, and described as madness and brutality unprecedented in dealing with the revolutionaries.

The crime went beyond physical assassination, with Al-ganzoury’s moral assassination of the revolutionaries, who were defending themselves and their revolution, by describing their resistence as brutal aggression, and thei resistence as a counter-revolution, in an attempt to morally assassinate them and alienate them in their society.

In an attempt to escape from the truth that revolutionaries were killed with live ammunition, Al-Ganzury repeated old superficial speeches about the existence of hidden third parties. To respond to the false allegations of Al-Ganzoury, we demand from the public to access this link and watch the brutal crimes perpetrated against the revolutionaries, men and women: http://www.youtube.com / watch? v = 4iboFV-yeTE & skipcontrinter = 1

That been said, the Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights declares its support to the Youth of the Egyptian Revolution, and demands:

1- The removal of Kamal Al-Ganzoury and the formation of a genuine national salvation government seeking to save the nation, not to save the repressive Mubarak regime.

2- The formation of an independent judicial commission of inquiry, with the Supreme Council of Judiciary responsible for the selection of its members; The independant judicial commission should have the powers to subject the militarymen to investigations it conducts, and to take all the decisions required by procedure for conducting fair investigations about them.

3- The immediate withdrawal of the army troops from Tahrir square.

4- The release of all detainees.

The Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights


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