Egyptian Union, Labor And Human Rights Powers Announce Approval Of The Draft Bill Of Trade Union Freedoms And Demand Prompt Release

Egyptian Union, Labor And Human Rights Powers Announce Approval Of The Draft Bill Of Trade Union Freedoms And Demand Prompt Release

1 – Egyptian Federation of Independent Trade Unions.

2- The Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights.
3 – Real estate tax workers union.

4- “Ma3an” Campaign for unions’ freedoms.

5- Hisham Mubarak Law Center

6-The Egyptian Committee to Protect labor rights
7 – Pensioners Syndicate.
8 – Sales taxes workers union.

9- Pilots Union

10-Health sciences workers union

11- Public Transport workers union.

12- Cairo University workers union.

13- Egypt Gas Workers union.

14- General union of Egyptian airline hospitality.

15 – Solidarity of pensioners and defenders of insurance funds.
16 – Fishing workers union.

17 – Giza workforce workers union.
18 – Suzuki Egypt workers union.
19 – Prosecution and Courts  workers union.
20 – 75375 children’s cancer hospital workers union.
21 – Buserford petroleum workers union.
22 – Union of Workers in mooring and maintenance (SUMED – Sokhna).
23 – Suez Cement Company workers union.

24 – Mills of south Cairo workers union.
25 – oil services workers union
26 – Arabic language editors workers union
27 – American University workers union
28 – construction industry workers union
29 – General Union of Craftsmen

30- The independent union of Egypt Air Service crew

31- Civil Aviation operations officers (under construction)

32- the independent union for Egypt Air ground services.

33- Media production city workers union.

In an initiative of The Egyptian Center For Economic and Social Rights, Ma3an” Campaign for unions’ freedoms, Hisham Mubarak Law Center and The Egyptian Committee to Protect labor rights , the above listed labor and union powers held a meeting at The Egyptian Center For Economic and Social Rights on 11/7/2011. They held a workshop to discuss the third version of the draft bill of union freedoms set by the labor force ministry. The discussion ended as follows:

First : The powers signing this statement declare their approval of the third version of the bill of union freedoms and state that most articles of the bill comply with union freedoms . However, all unions reserve their right to modify some articles of the bill.

Second : The undersigned unions urge for the prompt declaration of the union freedoms bill according to the understanding reached between all parties in the meeting held this morning at the ministry.

Third : The undersigned refuse article #18 which sets the conditions for founding labor trade unions and labor general unions. The article requires . for the first , the bill requires 20 trade union with a minimum of 20,000 members. For the second , the bill requires 10 trade unions with a minimum of 200 members. The undersigned consider these conditions as restrictive to labor association. As an alternative , we suggest :

First Suggestion : labor unions have the right to create trade unions and general unions.

Second Suggestion : Trade unions are created with a minimum of 10 labor unions members whereas general unions are created with a minimum of 10 trade unions or 20 labor unions members.

Fourth : The undersigned reject the last paragraph of article 25 : “As for donations from foreign parties , prior approval from the administrative authority is required”. The undersigned assert their complete refusal of receiving funds from non-Egyptian parties and demand only national funds or technical aid or capacity building  from Arabic and  international unions in which Egyptian unions are members. We suggest the following :

” Trade unions are not allowed to receive funds or donations from non-Egyptian parties except the technical aid and capacity building from international unions in which Egyptian unions are members”.

Fifth : The under signed request modifying article #9 to the following:

“Boards of trade unions set the rules of assigning members to union work . Every union  board has the authority to assign members of the union to accomplish union tasks with coordination with employers whether on a full time or part time basis. Full time union board members is entitled to receive full salary and incentives from the union . As well, all their labor rights , promotions , raises , allowances, incentives on equal footing with colleagues. The assignment period is considered within the employment period. Any injury during the assignment period will be considered as work injury”.

Sixth : The undersigned welcome the positive response of the ministry for our previous remarks regarding declaration procedures . The ministry added the text :” The administrative authority has no right not to receive union application documents”.

We suggest the following text for article #16:

“The administrative authority should publish the internal regulation of the union and the date of creation in the official paper . The union representative  should deliver a  letter to the administrative authority to notify them of the union foundation documents , board members names and the secretariat, the bank letter and a letter to the civil affair authority, affiliate of MOI, to register the stamps of the union.

Seventh : For article 30 ,we suggest :

” The employer will not investigate with a union board member without notifying the union . A union representative must be allowed to attend the investigations. The efficiency report of the union board member must not undermined during the assignment period compared to previous reports.

Eighth : We suggest amending article #35 such that the union session is only 3 years instead of 5 years.

Ninth:  We suggest amending the following articles

1-   Article #1 : the definition of the union : ” the trade union is an association created by workers in the same facility , same profession or trade and which all founding papers have been submitted as per the law”.

2-   Article #5 : the text  :” civil workers in the military, part time workers, day workers”

3-   Article #10: A union must not include less than 50 members. For facilities having less than 250 workers , a union can be created with a minimum of 20 members.

4-   Article #24 : We suggest adding the right of the union to raise strike funds

5-   Article #27: We suggest the following text :

a)   Contacting workers.

b)   Holding meetings with workers in the union premises.

c)   Conducting union elections in production sites such that work flow is not disturbed.

d)   Obtaining the right information upon which group negotiations will be held according to the law.

Tenth : We suggest some exemptions and advantages to be granted to unions such as a tax free annual ceremony , We suggest also that union facilities  be exempted from real estate tax as well  50% discounted electricity , water and gas bills.

Issued on 12/7/2011

First and Second comments

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Egyptian Federation of Independent Trade Unions.

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Ma3an” Campaign for unions’ freedoms.

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The Egyptian Committee to Protect labor rights
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