Lawsuits Demanding Exceptional Pension For Victims Of The Revolution And Abolition Of Military Tribunals

Lawsuits Demanding Exceptional Pension For Victims Of The Revolution And Abolition Of Military Tribunals

The Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights in its defense and support to the demonstrators of Egypt and ,today raised two case before the administrative court in Cairo:

First Case: #33152 / 65jy against the prime minister and the minister of finance and social solidarity, demanding an exceptional pension for the victims of January 25th revolution as of injury date . The pension must be in proportion with disability and ensuring a decent life. This pension should be added to any other income of the injured without upper limit.

It is worth mentioning that the challenged have decided earlier an exceptional  pension to the families of martyrs of the revolution by  the PM decree #303 /2011, which was published in the official gazette issue # 8 on 24/2/ 2011. The injured waited to be treated equally, but in vain.

ECESR Lawyers in their appeal  mentioned the undeniable sacrifice those heroes have made to this country during the events of the revolution, many of them suffer total disability which mandates an exceptional pension proportion to their disability which prevents them from earning their living.

ECESR concluded the appeal by that the pension is not  a grant but a right of the challenging party with all entitlement  reasons  satisfied  by victims of  January 25th revolution in accordance with the law 71/ 1964 on exceptional pensions and rewards entitlement with all amendments  and executive decisions.

Second lawsuit: 33 151 /65 jy against the military junta to demand  suspending and cancellation the  decision to refer  Amr Issa , painter, and  Tamer Shishtawi , engineer, to military trial. ECESR  lawyers mentioned in their appeal that both were participants in demonstrations on March 9th , which called for achieving the goals of the revolution and the trying Mubarak and his family.  Amr and Tamer  among others were arrested by the military police and to the surprise of their families were referred to military court. They were  convicted for  allegedly being  “thugs”.

After  fellow artists of Amr launched a campaign against  trying him ,the military junta  in statement  #30 published on Facebook ,  mentioned that the military governor ratified a decision to retry Amr, which has not been in effect so far. ECESR lawyers concluded their appeal by demanding to stop the implementation of and cancel the decision to refer Issa Amr and Tamer Shishtawi  to military court .

The Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights earlier has filed a lawsuit on behalf of  Rasha Azab, journalist, calling for stopping referring civilians to military tribunals so long as the crimes are not of military nature and were not committed on military property . The lawsuit is still pending before the administrative court.

The military junta mentioned in statement  #50 that there will be retrials for demonstrators who have already been military sentenced.  ECESR welcomes  retrials  but claims them  before the natural judge not a military court.

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