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Egyptian Revolution And The Rights Of Workers

First Annual Conference Of The Egyptian Committee For The Protection Of Labor Rights
In Cooperation With The Egyptian Center For Economic And Social Rights


The Egyptian Committee for the protection of labor rights holds its first annual conference in cooperation with the Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights under the title (the Egyptian revolution and the rights of workers) on Saturday, May 7th , 2011 at the Journalists Syndicate ,downtown Cairo, 4th floor, from 12:00pm – 7:00 pm

ِAt the conference , guest speakers are leaders and members of the trade union movement and independent workers, as well as  Ahmed Hassan El-Borai minister of manpower,  Mustafa alSaid representative of  the International Federation of trade unions in Egypt,  Mohamed Fouad, vice president of the Egyptian  state council,  Abdul Ghaffar Shukr  the political thinker and , Abdel-Fattah Jabali vice president of alAhram center for political and strategic studies, Wael Gamal, managing editor of elShorouk newspaper, and the great human rights activist  Ahmed Seif alIslam Hamad,.

The conference will discuss three main topics:
(Decent work – social justice and wages – union freedoms after the revolution)

The conference will witness declaring six new trade unions:
(Independent Union of fishermen – Independent Union of Workers in Industrial Projects – Independent Union of Electrical Workers – Solidarity union for pensioners and the defense of insurance funds – Union of Workers of civil society organizations – Union workers at the Ministry of Justice).
Conference Coordinator
Salah Al Ansari
Khalid Ali

Opening Word  by   Mohamed Abdel Azim , textile workers in Mehalla
decent work at one pm
Speaker :  Kamal Abu Eita chairman of the independent union of real estate tax

Rapporteur  Dalia Mousa labor journalist
Standards of a decent work  Mustafa alSaid , representative of the International Federation of Trade Unions in Egypt.
rights of free lance labor  Mohamed Abdel-Salam Egyptian member of the Committee to  protect labor rights
temporary labor rights  Mostafa Bassiouni , Socialist Studies Center
Social Insurance Talal Shukr vice chairman of the pensioners union

Topic 2 :  Social justice and wages 3:00 pm
Speaker  Elhamy Merghany, economist
Rapporteur :  Nagy Rashad labor activist at South Cairo Flour Mills Company
Future wage structures ,Abdel-Fattah Jabali vice president  alAhram center for political and strategic studies.
Mechanisms for determining a fair wage , Saber Barakat,  member of the Egyptian Committee for the protection of labor rights.
Fair wage and a development / Wael Jamal, executive editor of alShorouk newspaper

Topic 3: freedoms of association after the revolution , 5 : 00 pm

Speaker :  Ahmed Seif al-Islam Hisham  , Hisham Mubarak Law center

Reporter:  Ahmed Abdel-Maksoud, President of the Health Sciences union
Principles of trade union freedoms Abdel-Ghaffar Shukr
Bill of trade union freedoms d  Ahmed Hassan El-Borai minister of manpower
Decision of  banning trikes  and its impact on union freedoms , Mohamed Fouad, vice president of the state council

Conclusion of the conference
Recommendations of the Conference , Saud Omar board member of the committee of trade union for workers in Suez Canal Authority

Celebration of new independent trade unions that were established during the first week of May 2011

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