How To Establish A Trade Union

How To Establish A Trade Union

The organizations participating in the issuance of this  book said , “In the recent months, we received many questions all around the same meaning from workers in the industrial , production and service sites : What is a union? What is its role ? How can it be established?
In an attempt to answer these questions we released this book, which includes a definition of the labor regulations, and what their roles, themes of work, objectives are and how to acquire   legal personality, and incorporation papers, regulation, organizational and administrative structure and principles of s work. The book includes models of records and papers of incorporation and a regulation.

In the past three years , the Egyptian labor movement has succeeded in the declaration and the establishment of four independent trade unions: real estate taxes ,health sciences , pensioners and teachers Association , thereby forcing the right to trade union pluralism after years of monopoly of trade unions sponsored by the old regime,  imposing one organization on Egypt’s workers, in violation of international conventions signed by Egypt, which provide  trade union freedoms and give workers the right to found their unions and not force them by law imposed to join a fake entity.

During the events of the revolution of January 25 ,The four unions announced the first union of independent trade unions in Egypt. Overthrowing  of  Mubarak opened the doors of hope and freedom to  masses of Egyptians who began to create associations, political parties and trade unions. Public transport workers, and Mansheyet elBakry hospital workers anounced their independent trade unions. Groups of sailors, textile workers, information centers and the labor force staff declared they started to establish their independent trade unions to defend their interests.

The organizations issuing this book declare their support for the rights of Egyptian workers in  establishing organizations that defend them  and the will to support the workers who want to establish trade unions, whether through counseling and advice on how to start, or assistance in the preparation of required documents, and backing in  all necessary legal action through the union leaders, lawyers, volunteers or human rights organizations and unions.

For assistance please call

Union leader / Kamal Abu Eita: 0100678654

Union leader / Talal Shokr:0183065685

Union leader / Abdul Hafeez Tayel:0103603256

Labor leader / Saber Barakat: 0105003284

Labor leader / Mohamed Abdel-Salam: 0106605822

Union leader / Fatma Ramadan:0101260053

Labor leader / Nagy Rashad:0123554909

Journalist / Dalia Moussa:0102019347

Journalist/ Seham Showada :0124979479

Journalist/ Hisham Fouad:0123795206

Lawyer / Haitham Mohamadain:0106138041

Lawyer / Ahmed Ezzat:0190611846

Lawyer / Mohammed Ansari:0161444874

Lawyer / Ahmed Hossam:0121687476

Lawyer / Khaled Ali :0121519598


5 Introduction

Labor regulations

9 What is the organization of work

10 Number needed to form a trade union

What are the roles of trade unions

11 What are the axes of activity of trade union organizations

What are the objectives of labor organizations

13 How to acquire legal personality

14 What are the documents of establishing a trade union

What are the forms of trade union organization

16 Terms of nomination for membership of the Governing Council of Trade Union Organization

18 The principles of the work of labor regulations

21What do we establish rights in the organization

26 Provisions of the Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organize

“Pilot models,” leaves the establishment of trade unions

30 First:  Foundation meeting minutes

31 model  of application to establish a trade union

33Model summary of minutes  of the Constituent General Assembly Meeting

35 Model summary of meeting minutes  of the election of Board of Directors of the Association

36 Model of summary meeting minutes  of the first governing Council

38 Model of the list of  names of the members of the Board of Directors

39 Model of list of  members of the Constituent Assembly

40 Membership application

41 Second: The statute of the union

Issuers of the book

Egyptian Union of Autonomous Trade Unions, the General Union of Pensioners, the General Union for Health Sciences, Teachers Association , General Trade Union of the real estate tax staff , the General Union of the labor force staff (under construction), the Egyptian Committee to  protect labor rights, Maa’an campaign for the freedoms of trade unions, Public Democratic movement  (Hashd), Tadamon, Thee Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights



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