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Tomorrow: Hearings of Palm Hills and Toshka New Documents Proving Systematic Authority Corruption

The  Administrative Court (Department of contracts) holds the last hearing  session in the cases of contracts invalidity of the projects :  Palm Hills in New Cairo and Toshka (alWaleed Bin Talal)
Both cases were filed in September 2010 by  Shehata Mohamed Shehata, lawyer, the case against alWaleed bin Talal and administrative bodies was under the number  48642/jy64, while the Hamdi AlFakharany filed the second case  against  Palm Hills and administrative bodies inder the number  49065//jy64. The  court  reviewed both case in  and referred them to the board of state commissioners for preparing a report. The report recommended nullifying both  contracts. They reports were annexed to the case documentation in 1/3/2011. The court decided to adjourn the case to 22/3/2011 in order that bothe parties would review the reports and submit their defenses in this session being the last hearing session.
The Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights as a member of the defense in both cases as well as an intervening party will present fact revealing  documents to the court during regarding corruption in issuing both contracts . ECESR lawyer obtained those documentation after the fall of Mubarak. The documents show that defying the law in issuing both contracts was no coincidence  , but a systematic policy to seize public wealth by the ruling    lobby.

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