Update on Abassiya

Update on Abassiya

Abassiya Prosecution (North Cairo)

File report number 686/2011 misdemeanour Kasr Al-Nil, attached to it police reports number 33 – 65 dated 26 January

Adding details into charges of attacking police officers leading to:
1. The death of soldier Ahmed Abdel Aziz
The prosecution’s report included that informer Ahmed Shaaban, working with the General Administration of the Central Security was with the injured Ahmed Abdel Aziz. He said that orders were given to them to enter the protest. He was dressed in civil clothes and had the mentioned soldier dressed in his uniform. As they were entering the protest, both of them suffered a sudden low pressure and fell to the ground. Medical examination in the Police Hospital on the body of Soldier Ahmed Aziz showed that the body had no bruising.
2. Injuring Major Ahmed Alsayed Alsebai of the Cairo General Investigations with a fracture in his left arm as a result of one of the protesters clashing into him.
3. Injuring Captain Khaled Seif El Islam Abdel Aziz, Associate Investigations of Nasr City, with a fracture in his left hand as a result of one of the protesters clashing into him
4. Causing a deformity to Soldier Abdel Rahman Atef
5. Causing corneal damage of soldier Akram Galal Eddin Mohamed
6. The injury of 85 central security soldiers
  1. Damaging the polices’ wireless sets
  2. Breaking the windows of the National Democratic Party’s headquarters

Ibrahim Hamed Ahmed Al Morsy and Ahmed Kamal Saudi (Students) have been released from the prosecutions office


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