From Tunisia to Egypt Stop the Aggression Against Our Economic and Social Rights

From Tunisia to Egypt Stop the Aggression Against Our Economic and Social Rights

Poor Tunisians expelled President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali before completing the first year of  of his fifth term, where protests of the angry unemployed broke out in Sidi Bouzeid thirty days ago. They were protesting  to  what happened to the  young man Muhammad Bouazizi, who was selling vegetables in the market , although he holds a university degree, but rathered to sell vegetables than stay without work. Municipalityelements affiliate to the police  in one of their repressive campaigns seized his wagon and smashed, leaving him overwhelmed, helpless and desperate . On December 17th he stood before the city hall and 2010 burnt himself.

This was not a usual day in the history of the Tunisian people. What Bouazizi did to himself did pass unnoticed, the whole city  burst out in massive marches claiming their  economic and social rights. In spite of all police inhuman practices  to the extent of using live ammunition against civilians , they failed to suppress the protests, which spread to the rest of the cities in Tunisia thanks to the struggle of the Federation of Tunisian Labour  that sided to the demands of the Tunisian people, which escalated  to demand the expulsion of  Bin Ali and his assistants.

Ben Ali tried to take retrogressive measures, he dismissed ministers of Communication, Information and the interior minister, and even re-established the cabinet, led by Mohamed Ghannouchi. Ben Ali announced his intention to allow freedoms and review all restrictive laws and said that he intended to amend theConstitution and not seek power for life amidst European and U.S. support  to the Tunisian regime and their achievement throughout the economic crisis as well as the social reforms.

But all these measures accompanied by police violence that led to many being injured and killed , made the Tunisian people more determined on their demands, forcing Ben Ali  to flee the country on Friday, January 14th , 2011. He tried to take refuge at his allies in Europe and America, who supported  him till the last minute , but they – of course – declined on receiving him.
The Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights appreciates this historic moment in the history of the Tunisian people, the center hopes that it will be a pivotal moment in the history of this region, in the heart of which lies Egypt whose people are going through the harshest economic, social and political conditions, harsher than those endured by the Tunisian people. Under a government dominated by businessmen who took control of power and money and took over public companies and territory with trivial prices, they announce a set  of measures and legislations that  will squash the Egyptian citizen in health care ,labor , social security, food and education ECESR  calls to halt t all such policies and review them in light of the realization of social justice.

In this context, ECESR  calls for

Minimum wage for society that is in proportion to prices to ensure a decent life for citizens.

Overturn decisions by the Minister of Health and local development on new regulations for educational and public hospitals.

Not to make any amendments in the laws of the public posts, health insurance and labor unions, until holding public debates on them and taking into account the social dimension in work relations  and the right to health in any amendments.

Review of policies and tax laws to achieve tax justice .

Declaring a clear government plan to reduce unemployment .

Contracting temporary labor in state administrative system amounting to 450,000 thousand workers and ensuring all the labor rights.

Stop forced displacement  of the poor under the pretext of slums  development .

Set a maximum area of seized property for companies and businessmen.

– Lift of emergency state and release all detainees

– The formation of a Constituent Assembly which represents all political , social forces and civil society organizations to develop the country’s new constitution that guarantees freedoms and the establishment of a true democratic  life.

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