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Reviving The Labor Movement – Round Table Invitation Labor Leaders to Be Honored

After the parliamentary elections of 2010, it became clear that the current assembly is mostly an entrepreneurs bloc, therefore an indication of the orientation of any future legislation concerning work relations in Egypt. The government has drafted the public post bill, it is possible that  it will be presented to the parliament in the early sessions . This bill will shake all work relations and rights in the public sector . In addition, other bills for social insurance and labor unions are being drafted. All the mentioned legislations will be approved in this parliamentary session.

The Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights will hold a round table discussion on reviving the labor movement. The discussion will address work relationships and the criteria of  reviving the Egyptian labor movement. As well some labor leaders will be honored :

Ahmed elSayad -Narobin

Fayez elKarta -National Batteries

Mohamed Abdel Salam – Transport

Saber Barakat – Delta Steel

Tala Shukr- Nasr TV

Hamdi Hussein – Mahala Spinning

Abdel Aziz Salama – Damanhur Carpets

Yousri Bayoumi- Giza Contracting

Owais Ahmed – Water Facility in Fayoum

Mahmoud Shukry – Transport

Nabil Abdel Ghani – Misr Helwan Spinning and Weaving

Sayed Hanafi – Nasr Autos

Sayed Abdel Radi – Iron and Steel

Salah elAnsary – Iron and Steel

Ibrahim Hassan – Marine transport

Samir alArabi – Military Production

Ahmed Orabi – Nasr Autos

Time : 9/12/2010 at 4:30 pm

Place: The Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights

1,Souq alTawfikia – 4th floor- Isa’af- Cairo

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