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Important Hearings at State Council Tomorrow 32,000 Employees in State Information Centers Demand Minimum Pay

The Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights said today that the administrative court of the state council (first circuit individuals ) will review tomorrow two cases filed by ECESR regarding the criteria of applying minimum wage in society.

The first case was filed by ECESR on behalf of Omnia Talal ,student, Hind Sayed Ahmed , student and Nagui Rashad , laborer challenging the decision to set EGP as a minimum monthly gross pay as it is far less that the local and international poverty  lines.

As well, the plaintiffs requested that the National Wage Council would present their references and documentation on how they decided on EGP 400 and explain how this gross sum is in proportion to market prices as per article #34 of the labor law #12/2003

The second case was also filed by ECESR on behalf of a group of employees of State Information Centers , a total of 32,000, demanding minimum pay as their monthly salaries are EGP 99 for High School graduates , EGP 120 for Technical Institutes graduates and EGP 150 for Bachelor degree holders. Massive hearing attendance and intervention of employees are expected at court tomorrow.

On the other hand , the ministry of local development, in an attempt to circumvent the case and rather kill it , started issuing fresh contracts as of 24/11/2010 and is pressuring and threatening employees to sign thereby wasting their right to social insurance for the past nine years.

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