A Critical Hearing of Real Estate Taxes Union .. Prominent Lawyers Join Defense Team

A Critical Hearing of Real Estate Taxes Union .. Prominent Lawyers Join Defense Team

On 7/11/2010, chamber two for individuals will hold a hearing to review the appeal #52491/jy 63 submitted by The Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights on behalf of the labor leader Kamal Abu Eita , Head of the independent real estate tax union. The appeal challenges the decision of the minister of finance to exclude the union from the supervisory committee of the social services fund.

Instead, the minister assigned the banks union ,affiliate of the General Union  though the real estate tax union was the one who negotiated founding the fund with the ministry ,was the union who presented the idea to the ministry and prepared the actuarial study that was financed by the general assembly.

After five hearings of advocacy and defense, the state commissioners’ report came out rather disappointing especially that we presented all documents that uphold our position thereby raised our doubts. After inspecting the case file , we discovered the disappearance of one of the pivotal documents. We showed the court its place and contents listed on the file cover. We even offered to present a video recording of the hearing on which we presented those documents to the court , as we elaborated on them when presenting them.

The court was contented by recording the markings where the document was stripped off and halted reviewing the case until investigating this incident was conducted.

However ,we drew the attention of the court that the disappearance of this document affected the state commissioners’ report, the court requested a photocopy of the document which we submitted on 15/9/2010. In that hearing , the court decided to adjourn the case till 3/10/2010 and once more to 7/11/2010 to resume advocacies.

October hearing witnessed the intervention of prominent freedoms lawyers : Essam al-Islamboly, Rahma Refaat, Mohamed Monieb and Fayez el-Karta.Tomorrow’s hearing will witness more interventions of Ahmed Hassan el-Borai and Mohamed el-Damaty , commissioner of freedoms committee of The Bar.

ECESR welcomes freedoms committess in all unions as well as human rights organizations to attend the hearing in support of the independent real estate tax union.

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