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Mamdouh ElSakka, Chancellor Judge , Killed in Car Accident ECESR Calls on The Public Prosecutor to Investigate The Incident

Cairo 2/8/2010

Mamdouh Abd ElHamid ElSakka  was killed in a car accident . ElSakka was Chancellor Judge , Egyptian State Council Deputy and member of contracts chamber of the administrative court which issued many significant and historical verdicts , most important of which was the verdict issued on 22/6/2010 for the case 12622/jy63 invalidating Madinati project contract.

ElSakka was killed yesterday,1/8/2010, in a car accident on Wadi ElNatroune road. His wife and children were severely injured. ECESR mourns the deceased dignified judge and calls on the Public Prosecutor to inquire into the accident and declare the results to the public.

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