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Military Trial For 5 Workers Tomorrow 22/8/2010 Independent Egyptian Press Decline On Publishing Trial News Urgent Meeting For Defense Committee

Cairo 21/8/2010

In a quick development of Helwan Co. for Engineering Industries issue , the military prosecution decided on referring 5 workers to a military trial on 22/8/2010.  The undersigned organizations call on forming a defense front  for the workers and  invite all to a meeting  at 10 pm  on 21/8/2010 at the Egyptian Center  for Economic and Social Rights.

On 14/8/2010, , Ayman Taher, Ahmed Taher , Wael Byomi , Ahmed Mohamed Abdel Mohaymen and Ali Nabil Ali , workers at Helwan Co. for Engineering Industries , formerly  military factory 99, were referred to the military prosecution of Haram district on labor protests in the factory after one worker was killed early August in an explosion of a Nitrogen cylinder. The prosecution decided to hold them 4 days on investigation. They were presented to prosecution once more on 17/8/2010 and the decision was to keep them in custody. On 21/8/2010, it was expected to renew the custody , but they were  referred  to military  court and they were notified of the military hearing  on 22/8/2010.

All state owned and independent Egyptian newspapers declined on reporting on this trial or on the  investigations  with the workers.

The Undersigned organizations

The Egyptian Center For Economic And Social Rights.
Children of The Earth Foundation For Human Rights.
Coordinating Committee For  The Rights And Freedoms of Workers And  Unions.
Campaign  For   Trade Union Freedoms (Ma’an).
Socialist Studies Center
Hisham Mubarak Law Center.
Preparatory Workers Committee.
Afaq Ishtraqia .
People’s Movement For Democratic Change (Hashd).
Independent Real Estate Tax Union .
Freedoms Committee ,  Press Syndicate.
Prisoners of Conscience Defense Committee

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