A new verdict in favor of one of the victims of Jumaat Al-Ghadab, january 28,2011

The lawyers of the Egyptian Center obtained a verdict from the Administrative Court in case no. 78417 for judicial year 69 in favor of Karim Mohammed Saeed, one of the victims of Juma’a al-Ghadab, January 28, 2011. Karim was injured while demonstrating at the time. As a result of gunshot, he suffered internal bleeding in the chest and a bloody gathering on the lung as a result of a gunshot at the right cornea and a complete cutaneous wound in the cornea . He was shocked to learn that the National Council of Martyrs and Injured, which started earlier to provide the necessary treatment for him, has refused to proceed with his treatment in accordance with the applicable laws regarding the care of the injured and the families of the martyrs.

Egyptian Centre lawyers filed a law suit in front of the administrative court in September 2015. The court overturned the negative decision in December 2018 that denied Karim access to health and ordered him exceptional pension aconsidering him among the Victims of the twenty-fifth of January Revolution.