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Commissioners recommend the referral of Police Act to the constitutional court

The Commissioners Authority of the Administrative Court issued a legal recommendation to hold a case filed by ECESR lawyers appealing the forced retirement decision, issued against Ahmed Mostafa (the coordinator of Secretary of State Police’s coalition). The commissioners decided to referee the case to the constitutional court to determine the constitutionality of the amended texts (Article No. 77) of the Police Act No. 64 year 2016, which regulates the formation of an assessment committee which determine the employee’s suitability for work.

The commissioners also revoked Assistant Minister of Interior’s decision No. 1448 year 2017 which terminated Mostafa’s work by retirement.

On August 2017, ECESR filed a case (No. 8088 year 64 Judiciary) to confirm Mostafa’s right to work, since Mostafa joined Police forces on 1989 he obtained an excellent record of work attitude, yet after the amendment of Police ACT, Mostafa had forced to retire after attempting to establish a club for the member of police force, Mostafa believes that the retirement decision came as retaliation.