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Open Budget Index 2015 Global Launch: Egypt Transparency Scores 16/100

Open Budget Survey 2015
Open Budget Survey 2015

Today, the International Budget Partnership (IBP) launched the 2015 Open Budget Index that measures the transparency of developing the general budget of more than 100 countries. Egypt scored 16/100 this year, receiving the ranking of “insufficient transparency”.

Egypt Transparency Ranking 2015


Ranking: Insufficient Transparency

The index launched usually biannually was a year overdue because its standards were being developed. The last evaluation was published in 2012, and at that time Egypt scored 13/100. This means Egypt scored 3 points higher, but it remained in the same ranking. In 2010, Egypt scored 49/100, ranking as “limited transparency”.

In the press release issued today, IBP said the public needs access to budget information and opportunities to participate throughout the budget process. Coupled with oversight by legislatures and audit institutions this contributes to a more accountable use of public money. A growing body of evidence indicates such budgetary checks and balances yield better outcomes for people, especially those who are poor or vulnerable.

IBP also commented saying that with the amount of funds likely to be mobilized through the new international development goals alone, and potentially through climate change agreements, the world has an unprecedented opportunity to address poverty, inequality, and other global challenges—but this will only happen if these resources are managed transparently and accountably.

2015 Global Ranking
2015 Global Ranking – click on photo

:Egypt was ranked this year as follows

Overall ranking: 16/100

Public participation: 8/100 – weak

Budget oversight by legislature: 0/100 – nonexistent

Budget oversight by the supreme audit institution: 42/100 – limited

This year, the index measures various standards to value budget transparency. Standards include:

  • Public and civil society participation in deciding on public funding and spending
  • Monitoring budget through the ability of legislative bodies and auditors to understand and affect decision-making
  • The amount and level of details, and the timing of publishing the budget to the people. There are 8 main documents:
    • The Pre-Budget Statement
    • The Budget Proposal
    • The Enacted Budget
    • Audit Reports
    • Citizens’ Budget
    • In-Year Reports
    • Mid-Year Review
    • Year-End Reports

The center will soon hold a press conference to discuss the findings and open discussion about the budgeting process.

About the Open Budget Initiative

The Open Budget Initiative was launched in 2006 to promote public access to budget information and the adoption of accountable budget systems.