Education Publications

ECESR Fact Sheet Initiates Series of Publications on Education for Month

The coming month is dedicated for education in Egypt and the issues related to it. In this regard, the ECESR begins a series of intensive publications on the issue of education, which is addressed from geographic and thematic aspects.

The publications are to begin today with a fact sheet on the issue of education in Egypt. With a simplified and attractive graphics of the most important Statistics and data that address some of the important points, such as the development of enrollment ratios for students, and how the state distributes the resources to sectors compared to the education sector, and the most important indicators of quality of education, and how it is inflicted on population indicators

This paper aims to show the most important points that ECESR was able to collect from various data sources. On the other hand, it poses no questions in order that the reader may have the free space to ask the questions himself, without going into the technical details and cumbersome Academy.