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ECESR Sends Notice Through Bailiff Against Public Prosecutor to Release Detainees in Pro-Revolution Event

Due to their Reluctance in Implementing the Amnesty Law, ECESR Lawyers Warn the President of the Court of Cassation and the Public Prosecutor through a legal Notice to Release the Detainees of Events Supporting the Revolution and Setting a quick Date for their Appeal

Lawyers from the Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights sent three notices through a bailiff (Nos. 9511, 9512, 9513) to each of the Public Prosecutor and the President of the Court of Cassation, calling for the application of Amnesty Law No.89 of 2012. The law gave amnesty to defendants in some of the events in support of the revolution, namely those detained outside the  High Court (Supporting a judges sit-in) and some defendants in the Ministerial Cabinet events and the massacre against the Ultras in Suez.

 The lawyers asked the Public Prosecutor, or whoever in his post, to immediately take all necessary measures to put an end to the prosecutions in the Council of Ministers and Suez events. They also requested the release of those detained in the Supreme Court events, pending the consideration of the grievances they presented about the absence of their names from the lists of those who received amnesty in events supporting the revolution.

ECESR lawyers demanded that the Public Prosecutor, the President of the Court of Cassation, or whoever represents them to quickly implement the law, or they would take action as per Article 123 of the Penal Code, which punishes public officials through imprisonment or suspension from their jobs in the event of unwillingness to apply the law or its obstruction.