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Abuse of Revolution’s Injured Continues Despite the Election of a President

Series of Abuse of Revolution’s Injured Continues Despite the Election of a President and his Many Promises

The Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights filed lawsuit number 6268 for the judicial year 66 on behalf of Dr. Kamal Anwar Abdul Ghani Ahmed, one of the Revolution’s injured, against the President, the Prime Minister, the Minister of Health, and the Secretary-General of the National Council of Care for Families of the Revolution’s Martyrs and Injured for their unwillingness to perform their role in funding his treatment expenses.

Despite their championships which resulted in the ending of an era of oppression and domination, the [Revolution’s] injured suffering is twofold: on the one hand they will continue their lives carrying the marks of their injuries and on the other hand the officials’ reluctance and delay in performing their work is an additional burden that may cost them their lives, or cause them to live with permanent disability for the rest of their lives, which prompted them to file this complaint, maybe the law will be their last resort and hope to face injury.

The plaintiff was injured on January 28, 2011 while he was treating the injured in the field hospital in Tahrir square; he sustained a gunshot wound to the upper left thigh and groin, and another shot to the glutes which caused a rupture to his anus and rectum and he had underwent surgery to convert the fecal channel. The plaintiff traveled to Austria at the expense of the Egyptian Club without the involvement of the Egyptian government or the National Council of Care for Families of the Revolution’s Martyrs and Injured. He underwent the first part of the surgery; the second part of the operation requires that he travel to England to perform micro-precise surgery. According to the medical consultant to the Egyptian Ministry of Health in London the cost of the operation exceeds GBP 30,000, which is equivalent to USD 50,000.

The plaintiff submitted a request to the National Council of Care for the Families of the Revolution’s Martyrs and Injured requesting that he complete his treatment, since this council was established to provide health and moral support to the injured and the families of martyrs. In face of the council’s inflexibility, the plaintiff applied for treatment at the expense of the state and the Ministry of Health approved contributing only USD 12,000 to the expenses of his treatment, in spite of the prime minister’s decision to raise the ceiling of amounts allocated for the treatment of the revolution’s injured, and that the National Council of Care for Families of the Revolution’s Martyrs and Injured will bear the cost difference, which has not happened yet, on the pretext that the Council does not have enough financial allocations to cover the costs of travel, accommodation, and treatment. All the while, the Council has received tens of millions from donors: the Military Council donated EGP 100 million and the government deposited EGP 50 million into the fund.

After numerous correspondences between the injured hero and the state bodies, and although he turned to parliament before it was dissolved, the Council’s Secretary-General and any state affiliated caregivers did not give him any attention, which prompted us to file this suit.

The Center calls on all the injured whose rights have not been met by the state, to head to the Center, and the Center’s lawyers will take all legal measure to enable them to get back their rights.