Cairo Appeals Court Upholds The Decision To Terminate Receivership On The Engineering Syndicate

Cairo appeals  court  (circuit 85 appeals) upheld the court decision #6263/2009 obtained by the lawyers of the Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights in favor of the engineers syndicate. The court ruled to terminate receivership on the syndicate as per the appeals decision # 2173/1994 –civil.

The receiver challenged the first instance court decision , submitted the appeals 861,864,935 / jy14 and 3308 / jy15. The appeals court held 7 sessions to hear arguments from lawyers of both parties ,ECES’s  and the receiver’s.

The court ruled today to refuse all four appeals and uphold the first instance ruling to terminate the receivership on the engineering syndicate.

This ruling is final and unchallengeable except by special means such as cassation or  review petition.

This ruling is a victory for union freedoms. It brings all authorities and power back to the engineers general assembly and ends a dark era in the history of this syndicate when it was controlled by receivership which positively and negatively  impeded holding general assemblies  from 1994 -2011