Dismantling The Egyptian Trade Unions' Federation Is A Step On The Right Track, Complementary Steps Are Needed


The undersigned organizations said that dismantling the Egyptian trade unions’ federation is a step on the right track taken by the labor force minister and the cabinet in respect to the law and court decisions.

However, there are some missing steps in order that the court decisions be correctly implemented. We attached 3 court decisions with the dismantle request:

1-   Decision 1827 /jy61 issued on 2/11/2006 to stop enforcing the ministerial decree #296/2006 to  regulate labor committees elections

2-   Decision 3469/ jy61 issued on 12/11/2006 to  stop enforcing the ministerial decree #298/2006 to  regulate the general union elections.

3-   Decision 4382/ jy61 issued on 26/11/2006 to  stop enforcing the ministerial decree #300/2006 to  regulate the general labor union elections.

So far, only the last court decision was implemented , regarding dismantling the Egyptian trade unions’ federation. But the court decisions regarding the union committees and the general unions are still unimplemented .

The following steps are still needed

1-   Dismantling boards of all 23 labor unions

2-   Dismantling boards of all 1850 labor committees

3-   Dismantling boards of organizations affiliate to labor unions’ federation

a-   Labor university

b-   The labor social organization

c-   The labor cultural  organization

d-   Ahlam city , northern coast

e-   Egypt school affiliate of the labor social organization

f-    The club affiliate of labor social organization

As well ,interim boards should be selected from labor leaders to  keep all documents and inventory all assets and funds as well as run the organizations till elections are run in 60 days’ time under judicial super vision as per article 41 of law 35/1976.

The interim committee :

  • Ahmed Abdel Zaher , head of cooperative housing organization as president
  • Fawzy Abdel Bary , oil union head , vice president
  • Abdel Hamid Abdle Gawad head of health science union
  • Amina  Shafiq vice president for media affairs
  • Mohamed Taha elRefai , Abdel Khaleq Farouk and Saber Barakat vice president for labor freedoms affairs
  • Khaled alAzhary and Yousri Bayoumi treasurers
  • Fayez elKarta assistant treasurer
  • Nagui Rashad (plaintiff of minimum wage case ) officer of labor relations
  • Abdel Fattah Abdel Tawab , Ezzat Shawki , Wael Abdel Wahab , Khalil Abdel Aziz Khalil , ahmed Hassan Abdel Maksoud and Mohamed Abdel Salam el Barbary , officers of wages and insurance file
  • Salah Elwan officer of the labor social organization

The Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights

Hisham Mubarak Law Center

Ma’an Campaign for union freedoms

The Egyptian Committee to protect labor rights