The Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights Laborers and Callers of Changes , A Series of Seminars

First Seminar Hosts Mohamed Al Baradei

Among the many calls of civil, political, economic and social change evolving in the Egyptian street, the labor movement remains the locomotive of change that broke  the barrier of silence imposed on the social unfairness that the Egyptian citizen endures. The movement struggled for the past four years and led the biggest wave of protests in the history of the labor class in Egypt. They exposed the NDP government policies that sided with a minority of monopolist entrepreneurs who managed to infiltrate decision making circles in the parliament, shoura council and ministries in a blunt display of the bonding between money and power with all its negative projections and reflections that wasted social justice and adopted policies that serve their interests and perpetuates the continued influence and clout.

Egypt is now witnessing many propositions set forth by callers of change, yet all are focused on political change without bearing a clear vision for economic and social changes and at the core of all lie labor rights and trade unions freedoms.

For that, The Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights is organizing a series of seminars through September and October for callers of change and some political powers to put forward their economic, social and labor views , debate them with independent labor movement leaders and hear their comments and demands.