Military Court Adjourns Workers' Case To August 25th . Court Declined on Defense Request for Documentation Defense Holds A Press Conference At ECESR

Today  at 1:30 pm , a military hearing was held for workers of Helwan Co. for Engineering Industries. The defense team discovered that the  defendants were 8 not 5 : Ayman Taher, Ahmed Taher , Wael Byomi , Ahmed Mohamed Abdel Mohaymen ,Ali Nabil Ali, Mohamed Tarek Said, Hisham Farouk Eid and Tarek Said Mahmoud.

The court referral decision contained the following charges:

  • Destruction of factory property worth of EGP 162,000
  • Deliberately refrain from work, which led to estimated loss of EGP 1.3 million.
  • Assaulting General Mohaned Amin and causing injuries as per the medical report
  • Tarek Said was accused of disclosing  military secrets, contacting the website Ikhwan Online and providing information that affect the factory security.

The defense requested a copy of the case documentation and a long  term review . The court declined on allowing the defense to have a copy for allegedly that the charges include disclosure of military secrets. The defense team requested a copy of documents pertaining to other charges but the court declined as well. The case was adjourned to 25/8/2010. The defense team is addressing the chairman of court to submit a written request to urgently have a copy of case documentation.

The defense team and workers powers are  holding a press conference this evening at 9:30 pm at the Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights. The press conference will discuss the military trial of  8 workers of Helwan Co. for Engineering Industries and first hearing happenings . Factory workers’ leaders, MPs, representatives of human rights organizations and labor powers are expected to attend the conference.

Inviting Organizations

The Egyptian Center For Economic And Social Rights.
Children of The Earth Foundation For Human Rights (Awladelard)
Coordinating Committee For  The Rights And Freedoms of Workers And  Unions.
Campaign  For   Trade Union Freedoms (Ma’an).
Socialist Studies Center
Hisham Mubarak Law Center.

ElNadim Center

Centre for Trade Union and Workers’ Services (CTUWS)

Preparatory Workers Committee.
Afaq Ishtrakya .

Al Helaly institute for Freedoms

Reporters without Rights
People’s Movement For Democratic Change (Hashd).
Independent Real Estate Tax Union .
Freedoms Committee ,  Press Syndicate.
Prisoners of Conscience Defense Committee

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