The Egyptian Centre for Economic and Social Rights Succeeds in Disbursing Dues Exceeding EGP 500,000 for Two Females And One Male Worker

Cairo 05/08/2010
The Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights managed to disburse dues exceeding EGP 500,000 for three workers. The first female worker got  EGP 185,000, the second female worker got EGP 164,000  whereas the third male worker disbursed a total arrears of EGP 183,000 , summing up to EGP 505,000.

Earlier in December 2009, the French institute , Centre d’Études et de Documentation Économiques, Juridiques et Sociales ,CEDEJ, located at the French consulate in Cairo and an affiliate of the French Foreign Affairs Ministry and the  National Center for Scientific Research of France,  expelled six  female workers and a male worker. Negotiations were held between CEDEJ and ECESR as the legal representative of the workers but came to a dead end after two sessions.

Consequently, ECESR filed a lawsuit at the request of four female workers and the male worker against CEDEJ. As a result of this act, the union committee of CEDEJ workers offered new reconciliations that were accepted by two female workers and the male worker, while the rest of expelled workers preferred to continue with litigation. Hearings are due in September and October 2010.

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